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Your Legal Guide In Civil Court Matters

Last updated on August 10, 2020

Few clients relish the thought of taking a legal matter to court. Still, in cases such as divorce, child custody, or collecting a debt, litigation is sometimes unavoidable. Very few people can pursue a civil case on their own. Having an experienced attorney is your best chance to succeed.

Here at Cole & Valkenburgh, P.C., our team of attorneys will help to mitigate stress, confusion and additional costs. Our firm has a 100-year history in local and regional courts. Our experience in these courts allows us to advise our clients confidently on how a judge or court may view a case.

Civil Litigation Cases We Can Help Resolve

The attorneys at Cole & Valkenburgh, P.C., help clients in the Finger Lakes region and the Southern Tier of New York resolve their legal matters, including:

At Cole & Valkenburgh, P.C., our attorneys take a collaborative approach to each case. By working as a team, we can share strategies for handling cases and provide clients with a broader range of options.

Our attorneys know their community and are dedicated to providing you high-quality representation and solutions you can trust.

Let Cole & Valkenburgh, P.C., Represent You In Litigation

When it comes to litigation, having an attorney on your side sooner than later can impact the outcome of your case. Call 607-583-3559 and set up your appointment or fill out our online form.